EZ-packs™ - Supply Times & Distribution

Supply Times:

With every order you make
from our quantities list,

we will supply the order by air freight
within 5-45 business days, Depending on order-size and destination

(calculation starting from down payment day).

distribution Areas:

Currently we deliver to the following areas:

North America, Europe,
New Zealand, Australia, Japan and China

* For other areas, please contact us.

EZ-packs™ - Order Quantities List

1,000 EZ-packs covers™
5,000 EZ-packs covers™
10,000 EZ-packs covers™
20,000 EZ-packs covers™
50,000 EZ-packs covers™

* for more quantities, please contact us

Air Freight

As a standard we use air freight to deliver your order, this makes sure deliveries are received on schedule and allows you to order in smaller batches.

Sea Freight

We can also supply your orders using sea-freight, this service is available from a minimum order of 200,000 EZ-packs™.

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