Made Easy


Time is money – and EZ-loader™ will save you both…

EZ-loader™ divides the business cards block into 7.5mm (0.27-0.31inch) height blocks

and inserts them into the EZ-packs™ covers in one smooth operation.

Divide & Conquer

Another great option is to use the EZ-loader™ only to quickly divide the business cards block into same-size mini-blocks.
and then insert the mini-blocks manually into the
EZ-packs™ covers.

EZ-loader™ Prices

EZ-loader™ price depends on your orders…

You can buy it for 1380€ with no string attached.


You can get it at an amazing discounts ranging from 20% to totally FREE of charge,

Depending on your EZ-packs™ order.

Production Info.

See all technical information, expected production speeds, requirements and packing instructions.


Learn about the different ways you can enhance your marketing by using your brand on EZ-packs™.

Price Offer.

Get a personal customized price offer that matches your company's expected order rate & scale.