Business Cards re-invented

About Us

We are a 3rd generation printing company established in 1993 in TLV Israel, which specializes mainly in Business Cards production services.
Our team always looked at things from a special perspective and tried to improve and renew our products and services as part of our business strategy.

EZ-packs™ were born from this exact point of view and the success that followed proved that our customers share it.

After inventing and registering an international patent (EZ-packs™), we decided to go international and share our vision with other printers like our own.

We believe that EZ-packs™ is a new and exciting re-invention of business cards, and customers all over the world will appreciate it, exactly as our customers do…

We have two sister companies:


Intercheck ltd.

34th BAK Iszrael street, TLV, Israel

M: +972-50-9090-252

T: +972-3-512-1028



3Sec GmbH

Seumestr. 10, 10245 Berlin, Germany

+49 30 3080 6063