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Business Cards

EZ-packs™ - Easy to Pack

EZ-packs™ come as ready to use covers.
All you need to do is to insert business cards into the EZ-packs covers.

EZ-packs™ Structure

Basic Packing Steps

Dividing business cards into blocks


Create a 7-8mm (0.27-0.31inch) height “dummy-block”.
Divide the business cards into mini-blocks that match the height of the “dummy-block”, by comparing and leveling heights.



Place business cards into EZ-loader™ cartridge.
Use piston to push a 7-8mm block. Take out the 7-8mm (0.27-0.31inch) block.
Repeat the process…

Loading business cards into EZ-packs


Hold in one hand a business cards mini-block.
Hold the EZ-packs™ cover in other hand while using finger to raise top sheet.
Insert mini-block into cover while making sure it is centered and aligned with the EZ-packs™ cover.


Place business cards in EZ-loader™ cartridge.
Place an EZ-packs cover in exit tray while lifting the cover’s top sheet on top of the metal bar.
Push the EZ-loader™ piston and insert the business cards block into the EZ-packs™ cover.

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