Business Cards
with Style!

What are EZ-packs™

For You (Printer)

EZ-packs™ are a new way to add value to your business cards’ services, without changing your current  process and without taking any risks – just grow as you sell.

For Your Customers

EZ-packs™ are a stylish and exciting way to carry & dispense their business cards while protecting their business cards’ quality.

EZ-packs™ covers

We offer our ready to use EZ-packs™ covers, in which printers can pack their customer’s business cards at their printing facility and sell them as their own – EASY!

EZ-packs™ sizes


87x57mm (3.4×2.2in)

for 85x55mm business cards (3.3×2.1in)



3.6×2.04in (92x52mm)

for 3.5x2in business cards (88.9×50.8mm)

EZ-packs™ colors

EZ-packs™ covers come in a default luxurious DARK GRAY, but any color you fancy is possible per 20,000 minimum order – that means, one color per 20,000 order.

Production Info.

See all technical information, expected production speeds, requirements and packing instructions.


Learn the different ways you can easily pack business cards into the EZ-packs™ covers.

Price Offer.

Get a personal customized price offer that matches your company's expected order rate & scale.