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EZ-packs™ - Production Process

EZ-packs™ packing is an easy process which basically involves inserting same height mini-blocks into ready to use covers – no special preparation is needed and the packing has no known limitation.
This packing process is done on finished business cards (at the end of the line), thus – no changes are required to your current printing and finishing process.

EZ-packs™ - Recommended Preparations


EZ-packs require manual labor for the packing process.
Check production figures in this section and prepare in advance.
We also recommend considering our EZ-loader™.


EZ-packs™ covers enlarge the overall size of the business cards at the end of the process.
Check if current business cards box fits, and if any changes are required.


Supply times vary from 5-45 business days, be sure to order sufficient quantities in a timely manner to avoid low stock.
Take in consideration your expected growth rate.

EZ-packs™ - Expected Production Speed

Numbers refer to all packing steps for 10 EZ-packs™ (200± Business Cards).









Basic Packing Steps

EZ-packs™ - Production Figures

Europe Standard Size – 87 x 57 mm

(for 85 x 55 mm business cards).

US Standard Size – 3.6 x 2.04 inch

(for 3.5 x 2 inch business cards).

Outer Height – 11 mm \ 0.43 inch

Inner Height – 7.5 mm \ 0.29 inch

Europe Size Weight – 0.008 kg \ 0.017 lb.

US Size Weight – 0.015 lb \ 0.007 kg.

14pt / 300gsm = 20± Business Cards.

16pt / 350gsm = 16± Business Cards

Deafult color: Dark Metal Gray.
Optional colors: Any color according to conventional color standards.
Limitations: one color per 20,000 EZ-packs order.

  • 1,000 EZ-packs covers
  • 5,000 EZ-packs covers
  • 10,000 EZ-packs covers
  • 20,000 EZ-packs covers
  • 50,000 EZ-packs covers

Delivery time: 5-45 business days depending on order scale and destination.

Delivery Areas:

  • North America
  • West Europe
  • East Europe
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • China

* For other areas, please contact us.

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